The Jawad Trio at Sambuca Cafe
featuring  Jawad with Ken Monshine Patrick Williams.

Jawad is a singer, guitarist, songwriter, poet and oral interpreter.  Jawad's original songs are refreshing, clean and mellow.



JAWAD has opened for or performed with Dizzy Gillespie,
Gerald Albright, Alex Bugnon, The Manhattans and others. 

His musical style caresses the ears and lightens
the hearts of all cultures.

He is available as a solo artist, duo or trio.

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Listen to him perform  one of his originals...“Over Love”

Jawad inspired us as he explained with words and music the artistic and historical contributions music has made to America. His songs inspired the young and the young at heart.  Jawad inspired the crowd with a history lesson of the guitar and banjo. He even brought out a banjo he made himself. The children were amazed that an instrument such as this could be made out of a simple gourd. His presentation of the three types of banjos and the sound they could produce even had the youngest child mesmerized.

Jawad used his musical talents to gave an example of melody, rhythm and sound and how all three are needed to produce a song. He played a common song using one or two of the elements of a song and until all three were combined did anyone realize it was the Happy Birthday Song.

-Rexanne East, Cinco Ranch Connects.com


"Jawad is the kind of cat who can go anyplace--a coffee shop, a church social, a frat mixer, a middle school...maybe even a balls-to-the-wall punk club...and play an impromptu set that audiences can feast on....The dude is the very definition of eclectic. How eclectic? Well, let's break down an average set: Aside from three or four originals, he'll likely offer up a little Stevie Wonder, a couple of Sting tunes, a Burt Bacharach number for the swingers, some Emerson, Lake & Palmer or Steely Dan for the old-school hipsters, some definitive Dylan or Neil Young, a shot of Curtis Mayfield or Babyface and maybe, just maybe, if the audience seems primed for it, a version of Rodgers and Hammerstein's "My Favorite Things."

...Craig D. Lindsey, Music Editor,
Houston Press

"His performance was excellent. He is warm and entertaining, and sings many kinds of songs with a mellow "laid back" voice on the ballads and a robust, beautifully smooth voice on the upbeat songs...Very versatile."

...Bill Valentine, formerly at  
University of Texas-Galveston


Jawad is available as a solo, duet, trio or with his band.  Performance fees are very resonable and can be customized to your particular venue and budgetary needs!

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Click here for a  copy of Jawad’s Song List!JawadMusic_files/Jawad-SongList.pdfJawadMusic_files/Jawad-SongList.pdfshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1


Jawad’s new CD is now available here

and on iTunes!

April, 2016... 



4/03/16   Sambuca Cafe  with Robert Smalls  7-11pm

4/05/16   The Breakfast Klub  with Baba Fana  12noon-2pm

4/03/16   Sambuca Cafe  (trio)  with Ken Mondshine & Sam Dinkins lll  7-11pm

4/04/16   Texas Children's Cancer Center  "Bedside Concerts"  1pm

4/07/16   The Reggae Hut with Baba Fana  12:30-2:30pm

4/10/16   Sambuca Cafe  with Robert Smalls  7-11pm

4/12/16   The Breakfast Klub with Baba Fana  12noon=2pm

4/14/16   The Reggae Hut  with Baba Fana  12;30-2:30pm

4/14/16   The MKT Bar  with Robert Smalls  8-11pm

4/16/16   Vintage Park "Music by the Fountains" with Robert Smalls  6-9pm

4/17/16   Sambuca Cafe  with Robert Smalls  7-11pm

4/19/16   The brekfast Klub  with Baba Fana 12noon-2pm

4/19/16   Sambuca Cafe  (trio) with Ken Mondshine & Sam Dinkins lll  7-11pm

4/20/16   Brixology Crafted Cocktails  7-10pm

4/21/16   The Reggae-Hut  with Baba Fana  12:30-2;30pm

4/24/16   Sambuca Cafe  with Robert Smalls  7-11pm  

4/26/16   The Breakfast Klub  with Baba Fana  12noon-2pm

4/28/16   The Reggae-Hut  with Baba Fana  12:30-2:30pm

4/28/16   Vintage Park "Music by the Fountains"  with Matthew